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(April 1, 2010 to March 31, 2011)

The total expense of HK $3,379,600

The accounts are verified through Lin Tsan PricewaterhouseCoopers

2010 Annual Report (1/4/2010 – 31/3/2011)

Thanks to funding support, Hezhang County, Guizhou Province in the past year, we actively promote the "live a good plan" to invest more to help poor mountain villagers, so they can get rid of poverty and initiate a spirit of mutual help.

Integrated education, health care, clean water, reconstruction of dilapidated buildings, medical projects, we focus on helping poor rural, not only is the improvement of community hardware, such as building water cellars, brick house,also for the benefit of bringing hope and help.

Hezhang County is the state-level poor counties; located in the plateau, barren, mountainous less traffic inconvenience poverty reasons.

Some of the problems faced by rural and mountainous areas, is the backward medical and educational facilities, teachers and medical staff would choose to work in the city, better development opportunities, so many mountainous rural schools or educational backwardness, children in high school beforedid not learn English, the results of other disciplines is also very low, which means that they will be out of the group the opportunity to receive education, get out of poverty in doom.

In the rural areas of work, especially due to the above requirements, we focus on education, the following is our report on the work in 2010:

Stone Village

Fat Hing township stone village is the focus of community transformation, the village a total of more than 160 families, about 640 people to their remote location, poor soil, is a national poverty-stricken village.

Villagers since the early 2008 snowstorm after, Operation Blessing began to live in thatched cottages built brick house has a total of 95 people built a brick house. We also understand that in remote rural areas such as stone village never do English class, did not understand the teacher to teach English classes, Operation Blessing staff every week to the countryside to provide English classes for children, starting from education, to help children lay a solid foundation guidance but also to their daily lives, such as neat, clean, to help parents with household chores.

Education for service basis, visits and care about the student's family, and then bring the love and positive impact on the entire rural areas, we are particularly concerned about the disadvantaged families, providing them with emergency aid to tide over the difficulties.

Such as school dropouts in rural areas where the bad habits, alcohol abuse, early marriage, poor sanitation, etc., will not happen overnight can change through caring action, the subtle influence of them, brought about not only hardware changes, more importantly, the villagers spiritthe face of updates.


Sulcus group

Pairs Tsubosato groove group more than 90 families, Operation Blessing since 2009 for the 50 dilapidated buildings households rebuild brick houses, the villagers no longer live in the concerns of the collapsed room or a leaky roof, no longer afraid of the wind and rain can belive and work.

In 2009 and 2010, over one hundred families, to provide improved quality of corn seeds and farming technology training, villagers harvest more than usual 80-100%, and livestock do not have to face the crisis of food shortages. Through to build water cellars and pull pipes water from a distance, the introduction of the villagers can be used for running water, sanitary conditions can be improved.

We are concerned about the lack of pre-school education to the rural and mountainous areas, children have to wait until 6-7 years before the first grade, and missed the 3-6 year-old gold stages of learning, l read a small one o'clock in the future the basis of bad, there are often lessons behindproblem.

Operation Blessing cooperation with the township government, has also been strong support from the villagers, set up in the village pre-school, kindergarten, 30 children consolidate their learning base, so that they can adapt and put into primary school, and even secondary education, not tobe eliminated due to poor foundation, and then embark on the path out of poverty.

The love of Christ and unconditionally concerned about the villagers, lead by example moved the villagers and the village government, the villagers become more united and active, the villagers themselves struggling below the poverty line, the future look forward to.

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In the data summarized by project, in 2010, has completed the following tasks:

Project Has built the number of Benefit from family Benefit from People
Build water cellars 101 101 400
Pull the pipes 1272
Dilapidated buildings reconstruction 72 72 288
High School Student 835
Junior high school student 25
Primary school student 129
Pre-school education 30
Medical clinic 1891
Guizhou drought assistance Provide clean water and food supplies for the victims 4535
Qinghai and the Haiti earthquake Providing medical and material assistance for victims
Improve Farming 135 135 540
Build toilets 26 26 104
Improve school facilities 329
Donate books 6430 1300
Other donations Eg:
Stationery, cotton, etc.
3592 1200

In 2011 will continue in this direction, to help disadvantaged groups to embark on the road out of poverty and civilization.

Case story - walk in the front of the change

Rodin, 12-year-old who lives in Guizhou stone village, read the 5th grade this year, the past academic holding tight unwanted attitude, because the atmosphere in the village do not focus on education, older than her 3-year-old sister, Luo Min, and other peer has longout of school, early marriage, children, and go out to work, she had never seen some efforts to study the example of the school never had any ambition.

Until September last year, Operation Blessing opened the slate 5th grade English class, Blessing teachers encourage children to study hard in order to live a rich life out of poverty in doom.

Rodin in the teacher's encouragement, strenuously study, plus participate in evening workshops, daily diary, the achievements made ​​rapid progress, the test class top two even dropped out of school 15-year-old sister, Luo Min to return to school, along with read fivegrade.

Mountain children are smart, simple, kind, and has unlimited potential, owed ​​only chance, Rodin is an example of Blessing teacher encouraged her to embark on a totally different way, the knowledge to change fate, in the process of seeking knowledge, she has determinedTo go to university, and grow up to be a good person to help people in need, not complete their studies before, she has been walking in the front end change.

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